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PRISON TO PALACE, PM FOR ALL, is the story of Anwar Ibrahim's turbulent, moving, bold and leadership voyage from a village boy to Prime Minister.  The chapters weave through the intricacies of political challenges, repression and injustice, and trials and tribulations to achieve his childhood dream of being Malaysia's leader. It traces his fall and rise from the darkness of prison walls, ten years, and the inhumane treatment he experienced. He turned the adversity of sleeping on the cement into opportunity through brilliant, wiser, thoughtful, decisive, and more innovative thinking and reading in solitary confinement. Despite all the odds he faced in Prison, he reflected positively upon life. Today, he has returned to reset and refresh Malaysia towards unity, peace and harmony. The book is timely in detailing Malaysia's changing political history. Anwar's struggle, journey and destiny are craftily narrated through anecdotal episodes.

The book comprises Malaysian narratives and articles that best describe Anwar through the inner stirrings of Malaysian writers and journalists. The book showcases penetrating insights into the events leading to the iconic moment of Anwar's crowning glory. It portrays stories of hurt and healing, abuse and forgiveness, gloom and glory, and tears and triumph. GE15 held on 19th November 2022, was a momentous day. It heralded a new economic, social and political landscape under Anwar's leadership. Anwar is firm in charting the future for Malaysians through his compromise, compassion, and moderation style to promote unity in diversity. Enjoy reading about the arduous yet successful journey of Anwar Ibrahim.


About the Author...


Veteran journalist, author and adjunct professor M.Krishnamoorthy, 74, was moved by how Anwar Ibrahim endured humiliating prison conditions. He was beaten, tortured, slept on cement floor and served stale food in solitary confinement for (a total of) 10 years. Krishnamoorthy has detailed Anwar’s agonising pain, suffering, grief and loneliness in prison in his book Prison to Palace, PM for All. His hopes and dreams of being Prime Minister dimmed for Anwar while being sentenced to jail three times. Yet, his will, vision and humanity shone through his mind, soul and heart on the road to Putrajaya. Sleeping on a cement floor aggravated Anwar’s back problems, and was given a bed on doctors' advice.  Krishnamoorthy details on the suffering Anwar experienced in his book Prison to Palace, PM for All which is now available in print and soon as an e-book. So, on 24th January 2022, soon after Anwar’s installation as PM, Krishnamoorthy started researching and writing his book on Anwar while teaching Creative Writing and Speech Writing at a government funded university. Krishnamoorthy completed his first draft within a month and took another two weeks to edit, rewrite and get feedback on the book. The response he got his professional friends who read some chapters was: “Don’t praise Anwar.” My reply to them was simple: "I am only documenting Anwar’s challenges he faced in progressing towards being the 10th PM. Here is a village boy not born with a silver spoon in his mouth and served ten years in jail. I told my friends to try serving one week in jail and come back and tell me what was it like?" About 80 percent of those who read parts of the book encouraged and inspired him to move on and publish the book soon. Success breeds success, and Krishnamoorthy was inspired to write his 8th book after his 6th book People Power Saves Malaysia was a bestseller. It won the first prize, Readers’ Choice 2019 Award, in the The Star/Popular and was voted No. 1 in a readers survey. This book talks about Anwar’s struggles – from Prison to Palace, PM for All. According to Krishnamoorthy among the many inspirational icons and international leaders, Anwar propagates transparency, integrity and justice drives. “Anwar has the distinctive quality of grit to lead and the vision to move Malaysia forward following the victory of GE15. For him, it is about living and doing what is right and just for the masses. He is now the PM for all Malaysians, irrespective of race, religion or region. Anwar is taking over the country during unprecedented times.” It is anecdotes of the indomitable human spirit of Anwar going about his everyday life as a leader in small and yet significant ways. It’s stories of Anwar’s leadership, empathy, kindness and love for Malaysians returned him to serve the people as a beacon of light. Anwar’s premiership is heralded as the dawn of a new and united Malaysia. Krishnamoorthy, in his 8th book, visualises and paints a picture of hope for the future if we are prepared to learn from past mistakes. “I am awed by Krishna's energy to write prolifically. I cannot fathom how Krishna wrote this book within a month,” said Datuk Seri Azman Ujang in his foreword of the book. Azman was former Chairman, CEO and Editor and Chief of Bernama, Malaysia’s national news agency. “Anwar is a man whose promises and delivery will make him a great leader. It is his commitment to serving a multiracial and multireligious society that will make him Malaysia's dream leader. Anwar created history – from Prison to the palace to the Prime Minister's office. Today, he faces a very different sort of trial -- bringing stability to a country under the shadow of one of the biggest financial scandals (1MDB) the world has ever seen.” Krishnamoorthy's book has Malaysian narratives and articles that best describe as PM for All. Chapters reflect the inner stirrings and extracts of Malaysian journalists and commentators who shed penetrating insights into the events leading to the iconic moment of Anwar's crowning glory as Prime Minister. The book weaves stories of hurt and healing, abuse and forgiveness, gloom and glory, and tears and triumph. 19th November 2022, was a momentous day when Pakatan Harapan won GE15. It heralded a new economic, social and political landscape for the citizens. Krishnamoorthy reveals his journalistic insights covering Anwar as the Deputy Prime Minister and while in prison when he lend books for Anwar to read.  “Malaysians must know of Anwar’s contribution and it is important to shine the spotlight on him  to ensure an equitable economy and good governance. Leakages of public funds must be  prevented prudently and justifiably spent. Anwar has always opened his heart to serve the nation. It is reflected in his sincerity and soul. We are confident he will strive endlessly to stop the country from corruption, racism, race supremacy, and religious bigotry,” Krishnamoorthy notes in his book.


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