Redpine Signals

Redpine Signals is a fabless semiconductor company that started its operation in 2001. The company makes chipsets and system-level products for wireless networks. It serves the Internet of Things and wireless embedded systems market, enabling all volume levels of chipsets and modules. In 2005, Redpine Signals developed a low power 802.11 b/g chipset, which it licensed to a semiconductor company for use in its product or SoC as a wireless interface. The company established a single stream 802.11n Wi-Fi product in 2007 for handheld devices. In 2012, Redpine Signals developed a simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi 11n/BT 4.0 + 5 GHz MIMO 11ac convergence SoC for smartphones and tablets. The company also introduced a simultaneous dual-band 450 Mbit/s 3x3 802.11n chipset for digital home and enterprise applications.

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