General Help
Langkah keselamatan kesihatan Shoppymore express
Special announcement for COVID-19
Buyer's Help
What buyer need to know?
When and how can I apply for a return refund?
How to check where my order is? What is my order's shipping status?
Can I get the refund for my cancelled order?
I have already made my payment through bank transfer, why is my order status still "To Pay"?
I’ve made my purchases. When will I receive my Shoppymore voucher?
Seller's Help
How to start business with Shoppymore?
How to register?
How to sign In?
How to upload KYC?
How to set store setting?
How to recovery password?
Seller Product Management
How to insert product (manual)?
How to insert product (bulk)?
How to update quantity?
How to check incomplete product?
How to add new feature for product?
How to add variations for product?
Files to sell for E-Book & File Product
How to create buy together product?
How to create the product FAQ?
How to import product?
How to export product?
How to create youtube gallery product?
How to connect in Lazada Connector?
How to import using XML and CSV files?
Seller Order Management
How to connect Order Detail with Telegram?
How to use Lalamove order handling?
How to use Citylink order handling?
How to use DHL Ecommerce order handling?
How to using Whatsapp and Viber in Order?
Seller Store Management
How to manage my content (vendor)?
How to manage layout design?
How to manage theme design?
How to manage banner?
How to use file management?
How to create blog content?
How to create page?
How to create facebook pixel?
How to use Chatbot?
How to use message center?
MDR Fee Calculation
What is Shoppymore MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) fee?
How does MDR fee will be charged?
Service & MDR Fee Calculation for The Right, The Choice and The ABC Plan
What is Shoppymore service fee?
How service fee will be charged?
Commission & MDR Fee Calculation for SM Mall Plan
What is Shoppymore commission fee?
How Commission fee will be charged?
Commission & MDR Fee Calculation Watch, Scan & Pay
What is Shoppymore Watch, Scan & Pay commission fee?
How Commission fee will be charged?